About Contact Projects Products


FN Projects, is a vibrant multifaceted engineering company based in the East Rand. Providing invaluable clients with a wide range of products and services, to suit their business needs and growth, in the following fields: Engineering Services, Compressed Air Specialists, Air Dryers, Compressors, Crusher Services, Pumps, General Mining Equipment, Reduction Gearboxes, Pipeline Installations and Air Conditioning Services.

With more than 10 years experience, our industrious technicians, has a world of knowledge and expertise, to complete [any] industrial-project—in time.

FN Projects, recently moved away from their old look, sharpening their old façade, to a more vibrant, and unique engineering brand and slogan, giving FN Projects a better, well established definition and focused direction. With our new tools in hand, we can be of even better service, to all our current- and potential clients. Our new, and well established slogan enhances our work ethic even more: Industrious People—Industrial Solutions.

FN Projects, [also] provides a 24 Hour Emergency Service (24/7/365), keeping clients functioning—at all times, when you really need it most.


To always strive and improve, to becoming the leader in our industry. Our humble beginnings, honesty, integrity, and the respect for our clients, will allow us to achieve [this] important goal.